Our Mission

The sole purpose and mission of Florida Public Adjuster PA Joe is to protect your interests as a policyholder and ensure that you get your rightful claim from you insurance company quickly and to your best satisfaction. Do insurance company representatives and negotiators have your best interests at heart? In the city of Parkland, contact our office and speak to a Parkland public adjuster at PA Joe (954) 568-8932. We are on your side. We will make sure the insurance company does not take advantage of your situation. You are vulnerable and desperately need the money to cover damages arising from water, fire, drain back-up, roof leaks and vandalism.

If we do not settle your claim, there are no fees for our services! 

You don’t have to think twice before calling us to pursue claim negotiations on your behalf with the insurer. You will not have not to pay us anything until we get paid on your claim from the insurance company. In the city of Satellite Beach, you will have the opportunity to review your insurance claim by contacting our offices and speaking to a Satellite Beach public adjuster at PA Joe (954) 568-8932.

PA Joe’s Two-Rule Formula for Florida Homeowners

At Coral Springs public adjuster PA Joe, we live by two simple rules. These are the rules that we explain to all our clients to make them aware of their right to a claim in the unfortunate event of damages related to water, fire, roof, or others.

RULE # 1

It is almost never too late to file a claim, or re-open a settled claim. Even if your claim has been denied, we may still be able to help.

RULE # 2

Settlements can far exceed expectations.

We live by these rules for all our clients, who have been paid tens of thousands of dollars in claims when they had simply no hope of receiving anything from the insurance company.

Real-Life Cases

Client Jenny has suffered substantial damage to her roof, but the insurance company denied her claim citing lack of maintenance. Deerfield Beach public adjuster PA Joe helped her recover $23,400 from the insurance company.

Client Paul’s home sustained extensive damage due to an electrical fire. His insurer made an offer of $7,000. Parkland public adjuster PA Joe won $52,000 in damages for Paul after a hard-fought negotiation.

How We Work?

PA Joe’s in-house team of skilled and experienced adjusters works with a complete dedication on every claim, irrespective of the potential size of claim or its complexity.

In addition to the adjusters, we have supervisors to track the progress of every claim assignment at any given point of time. Clients receive up to date information, we are always accessible, and will with a single-minded goal of achieving total customer satisfaction in every claim we handle.

We will:

  • Review all the clauses in your policy
  • Estimate the extent of damage
  • Document all vital data and information
  • Assess the scope for repair and restoration
  • Meet with your insurer’s representatives

Negotiate the best possible settlement

Call Us Today to Review Your Policy

It is best to let us review your insurance policy to make sure that you are safely covered. Floridians are no strangers to unforeseen weather events and natural calamities. Call us today!

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