Is your insurance company refusing to pay for mold damage? Hire Dania Beach Public Adjuster Joe and we will ensure that you get paid!

We understand that property damage caused by mold infestation is a real problem in Florida. The combination of often rainy weather and Florida’s humid climate create the perfect environment for the growth of toxic mold.

And despite the massive health danger and property damage brought by mold in a home, most insurance companies like to get creative in order to refuse your claim.

Mold is rather a controversial subject unlike other kinds of damage that are explicitly covered by all insurance providers. Some homeowner’s insurance policies cover it, while some don’t.

In recent times, as the number of people filing for mold claims has increased, most insurance companies have modified their policies – to limit or exclude mold damage protection altogether.

If your insurance policy plainly spells out coverage of mold damage, but your insurer continues to refute your claim, call us at Satellite Beach public adjuster PA Joe today.

We will use our vast experience in handling insurance claims successfully for your advantage, persuading your insurer to offer you a fair sum of money that will cover the damage caused by mold infestation.

Why you should hire Pembroke public adjuster Joe for mold damage in Florida?

We at Public Adjuster Joe work tirelessly to make sure your health and your rights are protected. Here’s what we have to offer:

We will review your policy

We will thoroughly review your insurance policy to determine if it covers mold damage and under which circumstances. That will help us define the best course of action that guarantees you win your insurance claim.

We will review the causes of mold infestation

Our Coconut Creek public adjusters will meticulously analyze the circumstances under which your property became infested with mold. Then we’d collect required evidence to prove the damage to your property so that we can offer undeniable proof to back up your claim.

We will assess the damage

Next, our Parkland public adjusters will assess how much damage has been caused by mold infestation in its entirety. Establishing an accurate extent of the damage is crucial to make sure you receive a fair sum of money to cover all damages.

We will prepare the necessary documents

Then we will prepare the necessary documentation and submit it your insurer; you don’t have to worry one bit about handling it.

We will negotiate with your insurance company

At Margate County adjuster Joe, we know negotiating like the back of our hand. We will negotiate on your behalf and get the best likely settlement for you. In fact, we bend over backward to get you the highest possible settlement possible from your insurer.

Contact PA Joe Today

Do not try to handle a mold claim with your insurance company by yourself. Let us help you and get you the money you deserve – without any hassle.

Our expert Hallandale Beach public adjusters will make sure you file a winning claim and your insurer pays you the money you deserve for your mold damage. Call Public Adjuster Joe today at 954-568-8932