You may spend a couple hours every week making sure your yard is clean and manicured. You even paint your entire home every few years and fix the fence the moment is starts to wobble as you should. But what about the roof!

As our Deerfield Beach public adjusters report, a roof inspection is the last thing most Florida homeowners think about.

When was the last time you checked your roof for wear and tear?

There are a lot of factors that can cause your roof to deteriorate – storms and hurricanes, wind and hail, etc. Regardless of the cause, the longer you ignore the damage to your roof, the more vulnerable your home will be to leaks, stains, or even complete collapse of your roof.

Types of Roof Damage Claims Represented by Coconut Creek Public Adjuster PA Joe

Your Fort Lauderdale public adjuster PA Joe knows the most common ways a roof can get damaged. But if you are aware of what they are, you can be more cautious and maybe even prevent your roof from damaging.

Wind and Hail

Florida winds can lift and take out entire shingles from a roof. And since tiles are fixed to roofs with a single cement tile, and debris frequently gets under it thanks to storms and strong winds, this strip can easily weaken. If you’re not careful, your roof can get stripped bare in the next hurricane season.

Hail can be equally damaging to your roof shingles in the long run. The continuous battering pounding of a roof due to hail can cause cracks in tiles and holes in shingles, especially if the hailstones are large and heavy enough.


A falling tree causes roof damage more often than you can imagine. The frequent storm seasons in Florida mean that trees are easily uprooted, leading to thousands of dollars in property damage every year.

A Pembroke Pines public adjuster will tell you that the only way to make sure it doesn’t happen to you is ensuring all the trees on your property are pruned. Make sure that all the loose branches are removed on a frequent basis.

Impact Zones

Impact zones occur when a strong wind lifts the debris and causes collisions between that debris and property. These zones mark the spot where a roof has been struck by debris on multiple occasions. Now obviously, the higher the number of impact zones on a roof, the more susceptible to damage it will be.

It can be hard for you to look out for the impact zones yourself, that’s why Pompano Beach public adjusters PA Joe recommend hiring a professional. A trained and prudent professional can easily detect cracks, impact zones, and further damage that you may fail to notice.

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As bizarre as it may sound, coconuts are one of the most common reasons behind roof damages in Florida. The state is famous for its beautiful palm trees, but the falling coconuts easily fracture roof tiles all the time, which causes leaks and additional damage to walls as well as ceilings.

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