Water damage – internal or external – can be highly expensive to repair. Most Florida homeowner’s insurance policies cover water damage to property but unfortunately, the insurers could be reluctant to pay when the time comes. Some might even go as far as denying the water damage coverage altogether.

If your insurance company is refusing to pay for water damage, call Parkland public adjuster Joe right away. We will make sure you get fair compensation to pay for the water damage in your home.

Factors that Cause Water Damage

Water damage refers to different kinds of damage that are caused by moisture and water. Generally, it can be in the form of rotting wood, bacteria growth, mold, rusted steel, etc.

Sometimes the water damage is obvious, like in the case of a flood. However, in other cases, water damage can take place slowly over the years. That’s why regular inspections are recommended by Deerfield Beach public adjuster Joe.

Here are some of the top causes of water damage:

Defective roofing

If the roof drainage systems and shingles are not in top condition, water accumulation can cause leaks through the roof.

Damaged pipes

It is necessary to make sure that the pipes are not leaking or a lot of water can get dumped into the property every day.

Faulty appliances

If your air conditioner or water heater is leaking, it can cause water damage over time. It can also cause moisture buildup and rust, so regular inspections are recommended by the Pembroke public adjuster Joe.

Weather conditions

As a Fort Lauderdale public adjuster in Florida, we know that the weather here can bring a lot of moisture. The continuous rains and strong winds in addition to the hurricanes can cause flash flooding and water damage.

What if the insurer denies your water damage claim in Florida?

Having a homeowner’s insurance doesn’t guarantee that you are covered for water damage. It will depend on how the damage happened. Here are kinds of water damage covered by most insurance policies:

  • Coverage to parts of your property – pipes, carpeting, and walls – that are damaged by a burst pipe
  • Coverage from damage to your personal belongings

And here are kinds of damage that are generally not covered by the homeowner’s insurance companies:

  • Damage caused by a lack of maintenance
  • Damage caused by a flood (That’s why Pompano Beach public adjuster Joe strongly recommends buying flood insurance if you live in Florida)

If water has damaged your home or your business, and you think you might have a water damage claim, get in touch with Palm Beach County adjuster Joe right away.

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